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Get More Foot Traffic with Local SEO

Do you want to get more local customers to visit or call your business? With 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information, it is very difficult to ignore using local SEO to earn valuable clients for your business.

Local Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking a business on google so local customers can find it. This is done by performing a series of different tactices in the hopes of ranking for “near me” searches. Local SEO is the only marketing service that drives traffic for free over time. Once you rank on the first page, you can sit back and watch your traffic increases organically.

Local SEO services have grown quite complex and confusing over the last few years. Google’s multiple algorithms releases is making it harder to rank more than ever. It is essential to stay on top of all the changes to keep your first-page position on google.

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Keyword Research for Local Searches

Once we finished analyzing your website and SEO reporting, we start the keyword research process to fetch your most valuable keywords. Here are some of the ways we do Keyword research:

Keyword research tools: Our team uses tools that allow us to find what people around your area are searching for. Based on what we see, we pick the most relevant keywords for your business that will drive qualified leads.

Competitor’s keywords: There is a high chance that your competitor is ranking for valuable keywords that you want to target. We make sure to find those keywords to outrank them on google.

Asking you what keywords you want to target: We like first to ask our clients what keywords they want to rank for. This gives us an idea of what type of people and the market you wish to target. Based on your response, we advise you if its a good or bad keyword to use with our keyword research.

Performing Our Unique SEO Approach

In the next step of your campaign, The Lavie team begins on creating and carry out scheduled SEO tasks, including optimizing local listings and white hat link building and creating content. Our team focuses on actions that are a high impact when it comes to SEO, so In-depth articles, high-quality backlinks and site metrics are a priority.

Organic SEO: The work we do during the performing process marinates, cooks up and continuously serves as a gourmet meal. This is what is meant by organic SEO. The enhancements we roll out will improve the SEO ranking of your website forever.

On-Page SEO: We carry a complete page analysis of your website to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current SEO work. If we find any pages that need more content, removed or minor fixes, we will act accordingly for the betterment of your long term SEO plan.

Off-Page SEO: Online popularity is one of the primary reasons a local website ranks on top in google. By using effective local PR and off-page SEO, we can drive you the exposure that will boost your SEO performance.

Lavie Agency SEO reporting

Measuring Performance Closely

Our team uses reporting to see what’s working and what’s not. From the reporting we produce, we can determine which is the best step to take for your SEO campaign.

Keyword Movement Reporting: The keywords we picked at the start of your SEO campaign are tracked for movement. Our team will send you a monthly report on the keywords movement, so you know its ranking in google.

Google Analytics Reporting: Google Analytics data are segmented by gender, age, behavior, income, location, search device, and much more. By knowing this information, we can better optimize your traffic for your ideal customer.

Monthly Reporting: At the end of each month, you will receive in-depth reporting on all the SEO work we have performed. This includes rankings, directories, traffic, and social media stats. Our in-depth reporting will show you a birds-eye view of your online performance.

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