We're a Results-Driven Internet Marketing Agency.

Get Only Qualified Leads That Convert

Targeting based on customer research, market research, and competitor analysis will ensure that you are advertising to the right audience with the right message on the right platforms.

Reach your most ideal audience online at an affordable price with PPC and social media advertising, you can get seen by more potential customers whether they’re searching online for specific services, checking their email or browsing through social media.

Our Lavie team help you display your PPC campaign to the right audiences on social media channels to make sure your prospects and customers see what you have to say.


Customer Research For Better Marketing

We eliminate all guess work and only target the audience that will convert for your business based on what your customers say.

You can’t sale them if you don’t know them, and that’s why customer research is the first thing we do when starting a social media campaign. We don’t shoot in the dark and hope we pick the right audience for your business. By creating a look-alike-audience of your current, past, and future customer, we know we are targeting the right ones.

Customer research is the most effective way to get inside your target market audience and the best way to understand them truly. We use customer research to identify your customer needs, fears, wants and goals to make an accurate targeting and speak their language.

Unquie ROI Driven Approach

Stop wasting ad budget on irrelevant audiences, like you might with TV ads and billboards. We want you to see our work and know exactly what you are paying for. We build campaigns that produce steadily improving return on investment (ROI). Our mission is to help you obtain qualified leads, and generate more online sales.

With our transparent reporting, we ensure that you are putting your money in the right place by showing you every little detail from engagement rates to conversions and sales.

We ensure your ad budget are being maximized and contributing towards your goals. Whether it’s leads, online sales, awareness, we’ll get you results.

Just 3 Steps to Better Marketing, better leads and Better Results!



Book a call today to take your first step toward getting results online. You’ll be talking with a digital marketing expert ready to create a plan for you.



We will map out where you are currently, and show you a roadmap to reach your goals using digital marketing. Our firm is focused on creating results for our clients.



Once we have a plan in place, the Lavie team will implement the changes by creating a scope of work custom to your business.


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