Winston-Salem and Its Classic Nightlife

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Winston-Salem and Its Classic Nightlife

winston salem night life

Winston Salem is a bar city, the nights are cozy and memorable full of small-town charm and big-city excitement. Built by innovators, educators, and corporates, Winston Salem’s constantly pushing forward, creating a thriving community.

With more than 75 restaurants and 30 bars & breweries to enjoy in Winston-Salem’s walkable downtown, there’s always something going on.

More than $1.9 billion has been invested in Winston Salem downtown since 2000. 

The city has experienced an incredible transformation of downtown in recent years into a lively mix of businesses, apartments, restaurants, bars and outdoor fun activities. The city’s Locals and downtown business owners were wondering if people would come to downtown at night even when no organized activities were scheduled.

We found out that answer, nineteen years later. Yes, people come to downtown on Monday nights at Single Brothers to sing karaoke; on Tuesday nights fine dining at Sixth and Vine Wine; hit the Whisky Box to listen to jazz on Wednesday night, and head over to Bar Pina for margaritas on Thursday night. And that’s only the weekdays.

Single Brothers on Trade Street and Tate’s Cocktails on 4th Street contributed to the city’s craft cocktails. Another great location for craft breweries is Foothills Brewing was founded in 2005 and it’s one of the biggest brewery companies in Winston Salem.

It took a couple of years after Foothills opening for others to follow its footsteps. Incendiary Brewing in Downtown Winston-Salem’s newest brewery is now open! Incendiary Brewing marries wide-open outdoor spaces with original, industrial construction.

Besides drinking, Winston Salem downtown’s nightlife is still lively in March when The Ramkat opened in the North Trade Street entertainment district, bringing big-name musical acts back to Winston-Salem. With a capacity of 1,000 people, The Ramkat covers a much-needed hole in the city’s nightlife scene.